Synth Magic Polar


  • Custom instrument based on the 80’s Polaris Synth.
  • 4.2GB of Wavs (NI Lossless Compression to 3.5GB).
  • Over 200 snapshots included
  • A large and varied resource of Polaris samples.
  • Synth, Sequencer and Effects interfaces.


Immediate download after checkout

Requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher

solist 1
solist 2
Polar sequencer
solist 1
solist 2
Polar sequencer
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Synth Magic Chroma Polaris. Based on the Polaris, Polar is a Kontakt 5.8.1 and higher (full version of Kontakt is required and not the free player)library of sounds created on a Polaris analogue synth and then sampled.

The Polaris is a real beauty of a synth capable of creating lush sounds and also hard edged sounds with a strong gritty analogue tone and yet you can definitely hear the ARP synthesisers heritage in its sound.

I absolutely love the Polaris and wanted to ensure I captured the heart and soul of this beautiful sounding synth, so it has been a bit of a labour of love for me. All of the raw OSC’s have been sampled and a large variety of presets and custom sounds have been sampled. All samples are available within the instrument via waveform menus for immediate access(and streamed from hard drive), no messing around loading in different sample sets – Polar is quick and easy to use.

Polar will provide you with the beautiful Polaris strings, synths, analogue keys, a beautiful analogue Polaris piano, leads, synth tones, basses etc. The user interface graphics were designed in a country known for great design : Sweden, by world renowned graphic interface designer – Anders Hedstrom. The effects section has some nice features including the delay and reverb sends can be controlled by your Modwheel – It is great fun to have the arp or the sequencer running and then push your modwheel to bring in reverbs and delays

In making Polar, we sampled a large and wide range of sounds from the Polaris and presented them in a easy to use waveform menu x 2 and we also added multiple filters and MIDI syncable LFO’s, an arpeggiator and and a wide range of effects. Also included is a fun and easy to use sequencer which can sequence notes, octave and note length, filter cutoff, resonance, reverb and delay sends. Sequencer has randomise functions, shift left/right, inverse etc it is childs play to come up with groovy sequencers and then transpose them using your keyboard.

Polar comes with over 200 snapshots so you can get to use the great sounds of the Polaris in your productions.