Synth Magic are very pleased to count professional musicians, DJs, composers and producers amongst the  many who use and enjoy our products.

We are very pleased to have renowned DJ/Producer Nick warren as a user of our products.

We received an email from Leor Dimant (DJ Lethal) (House of Pain, Limp Bizkit) who bought all of our instruments.
Lethal said ‘I love your products. Very cool synths’.

We’re very pleased to have international DJ & Producer, Sasha as a user of our software. Sasha purchased Sounds of the Quadra during a recording/studio session.

Arend Westra from EAGLE SYNTH MUSIC uses a number of Synth Magic products in his musical creations.

William Lloyd from legendary band Placebo, used a number of our products such as Logan Vocalist and Farfisa Polychrome on their latest studio album.

Sounds of the Quadra

Legendary composer Jean Michel Jarre contacted us after purchasing Sounds of the Quadra. Below is a line from his final email to us. It is reproduced here with Jean Michel’s kind permission.

“Your Quadra software is a great achievement. I look forward to your products – good luck and keep me posted, Jean.”

Computer Music Magazine have reviewed Sounds of the Quadra and said,

“This is a go-to old-school synth soundtrack machine at a cheap price”

A small selection of quotes from users of our Quadra Software. We get lots of emails and messages from customers stating how happy they are with our instruments

“Just bought, instant download delivery. lush and lovely sound easily worth the asking price.”

‘First of all, I really love the sound of this sample based synth emulation. It sounds very, very classic.”

“I knew within 5 seconds of hearing the Lead synth demo they had created something very special indeed and I knew I had to have it – I was not dissapointed. It’s awesome 10 out 10’

“Thanks Steve, just downloaded mine – and thanks for making it. It’s fantastic. Love the new look of it. It is the VST I’ve dreamed of owning since emulations began. How I would love a real Quadra. Now I no longer need one.” With fondest wishes,

Jeremy Dyson

“AMAZING work! Already loving the beautiful string section! How did you pull this off? Lovely interface and the emu as a whole oozes vintage character! Beautiful …stunning piece work!”

“Wow! I have just started experimenting with the step sequencer in the bass section. Really cool stuff! I have now programmed my KORG NanoKONTROL for use with the sequencer. The faders are used for the notes and the knobs for the cutoff frequency modulation. For all 16 steps I have programmed 2 ‘scenes’ of the controller. With the additional filters of the FX section it’s even possible to do ‘squelchy’ TB303 style sequences.”

“I bought your Quadra system yesterday and felt the need to write you. This thing is excellent! It really captures the feel of the Quadra (from what I remember). You did a wonderful job with this.”

edteneyck, KVR audio forum

“I’ve recently added Sounds Of The Quadra to my Kontakt 4. And I have to say it is absolutely stunning. I sold my Quadra about 9 months ago (too expensive to maintain) and am delighted with this emulation. Sounds like the real thing.” – Tony Cole from Face Value Genesis tribute band

“Thank you Steve, Your work is fantastic, I’ve found Quadra very very impressive. I’m an Arp man, for many years.” – Luciano

JEN SX3000

Comments from some of our users of the Jen SX3000.

“Just bought and downloaded your Jen SX3000 – another analogue sounding instrument – fabulous work.”

“The user interface feels like you’re working with a real machine, love it love it love it!”

“The random pattern creator on the sequencer is a great thing Steve, this must have taken ages to create! The mind boggles as to how this sequencer does the wonderful things it does. Great job!”

“Blinding Steve, the synth is ace and the sequencer is a great bit of coding in Kontakt.”

“It is like being in front of a real Jen. I still own a Jen and bought your Kontakt version out of pure wonder. You have done a good job Steve, it sounds like the real girl.”

“Really like the extra features and the reverbs are glorious, they sound really expensive.”

“Well,my two cents worth: the Jen is a great synth, but the real joy for me is the sequencer. Honestly, I have just made a dance track in about 20 minutes by pressing the random pattern button and storing them. Instant grooves that the Chemical Brothers would be proud of LOL. This is awesome!”

ZED80 Vol.2

Updated version of Zed80 Vol.2 gets the saintjoe thumbs-up at Sounds & Gear.

“I give this library 4 out of 5 subs, it sounds great, I absolutely LOVE the interface, and it’s very easy to tweak or change your sounds as needed.”


Read saintjoe’s full review here